Ziad Haider

The Language of Contrast
contributed by Ahmed al-Sudani

Both of the body and its particulars represent the realm through which the artist, Ziad Haidar moves. He usually takes recourse to the language of contrast as a means of address. For he relies on the mechanism of sight possessed by man as a physiological fact. When he thus lays the black color with its different degrees on a broad white background, he endeavors to create therewith a sensible difference between two surfaces lying beside each other. The white, for example, sustains the particulars and tries to drive them ahead.

On the other hand, in order that Mr Haidar controls the aforementioned mechanism, he would take recourse to the utilization of hot and warm colors such as red and orange, providing them with small areas that often occupy the centre and act as an attracting power for the rest of the particulars. Accordingly, he would take hold of the distribution of equivalence, extension and space and achieve a great amount of harmony. In his unlighted colors he addresses the darkness of the unconscious by another similar darkness that conforms to and brings it around to it for the sake of revealing its suppressed hidden things. However, the foregoing contrast in color meets with a contrast in shape. For Mr Haidar chooses the human structures which are characterized by movement in order to refer to our inactive life, silence of death and inability to catch up with those fleeting moments.

Anyhow, the efforts of Ziad Haidar deserve more than tribute and acclaim.

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