Ziad Haider

High Professionalism and Accumulated Treasure
contributed by Karim al-Najjar

A changeable world and a new sense, possessing tumult, protest and perfect silence... all happening at the same time. However, it is not easy to follow the steps to enter this world which is pulsating with the power of change. In order to follow the moves of Ziad Haidar with reflection through the expression , style, formulation and fresh and unconventional treatments, you have to be armed with informational and tasteful experience of that which is brought about by the contemporary Iraqi visual art from the phenomena and characters that have laid their clear impressions on the growth of this art and its prominence on the Arabic and international level.

His combinations contain a strange collection of contradictions which beat with phobia just as there is unstable life that haunts the spirit of the refractory man who is in search of his existence within a vortex of an overwhelming, unequivalent conflict wherein he will be its victim in the end. As well, his past works and plans show the human body under the pressure of its heavy frame that carries feelings of phobia, destruction and wars just as they are predominated by the duality of black and white. Through the divided movements which resemble the action of the scalpel in the human body and through his skill and professionalism in making use of the technique of cutting and pasting in order to intensify the concentrated symbolism, the achievements of Ziad Haidar seem to express his screamy life which dominates him as if he were a character that has recently gone out of the worlds of Selvadour Dalli, Austrarias or Markeze in order to lay its curst on the reality and rebel against it.

For a very long time the artist, Ziad Haidar, has been living in solitude, prison and rebellion. On this basis, the foregoing works constitute his open protest against the decline, triviality and prominence of half-witted personalities as well as their accession of the authority of art and culture in Iraq for more than two decades. Here we could touch the fruits of the artist's liberty and its reflection on his works. For Ziad Haidar has been able to achieve works showing his artistic talent and high professionalism within a relatively short time. We see him at the present time liberated from his dark, heavy nightmares rapidly into their embodiment through colour and musical symmetry with the different situations. It indeed counts as a visual and aesthetic view of the drama of life as well as man's permanent question, away from directness, conventionality and false slogans.

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